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3C Coating

3C & Home appliances coating means external coating for home appliances and electronic goods, especially coatings for computer and mobile phone. This application expects high metallic gloss, smooth particle size range and good chemical stability from aluminium pigment.

Anti-corrosion coating

Anti-corrosion coatings refer to coatings used to protect metal materials from corrosion. They are generally divided into conventional anti-corrosion coatings and heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings, both of them are very important coatings in paint coatings. For this application, economical leafing type aluminium pigments are mostly wanted.

Furniture Coating

Aluminium pigments are used for furniture coatings. In this application, aluminium pigments with small particles and good chemical resistance are wanted.

Powder Coating

Due to the feature of no solvents, powder coatings are one of the most environment-friendly coating systems. Aluminium pigments are widely used in the coating of housewares, steel framework, automobile parts, kitchen appliances, tools etc.

Coil Coating

Coiled materials are mainly used for building walls, roofs, tunnels, highways, landfills, etc. Aluminium pigments are used in coil coating to give metallic effect as well as giving protection to the metal material under coating layer.

Automotive Coating

Automotive coating Refers to coatings applied to various vehicle bodies (including OEM & Refinish) and other parts such as bumpers and fenders, interior and exterior accessories to the automotive section. This application gives high quality criteria to aluminium pigments in aspects of metallic effect, color consistency, chemical stability, weathering capability, etc.
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