Vacuum Metallized Pigment

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Vacuum Metallized Pigment

VMP series are made by special process. The aluminium surface is smooth and thin, but diameter-thickness ratio is very large. Its brightness and hiding power are both excellent, thus, just a little proportion can bring perfect performance of chromium plating.

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SPECUL series aluminium pigments are known as VMP pigments or PVD pigments. They use high purity aluminium as raw material and forms into nanometer size thickness flakes after special process. SPECUL products extraordinary opacity and brightness and gives show good electroplating effect with very low dosage.

Grae D50(μm) Non-Volatile
Sovent Colour Application
Specul S90803-15 3 15 PM/EAC Black+++++Bright+++
Specul S91303-15 3 15 PM/EAC Black++++Bright+++
Specul S91504-15 4 15 PM/EAC Black+++Bright+++
Specul S91805-15 5 15 PM/EAC Black++Bright+++
Specul S92006-15 6 15 PM/EAC Black+Bright+++
Specu| S91504-18 4 18 PM/EAC Black+++Bright++++
Specul S91504-10 4 10 PM/EAC Black+++Bright++
Specul S91805-10 5 10 PM/EAC Black++Bright++
Specul S92006-10 6 10 PM/EAC Black+Bright++
Specul S92506-10 6 10 PMA/EAC White+Bright++++
Specul S93007-10 7 10 PMA/EAC White+Bright+++
Specul S93508-10 8 10 PMA/EAC White++Bright++
Specul S93808-10 8 10 PMA/EAC White+++Bright++
Specul S93808-13 8 13 PMA/EAC White+++Bright+++
Specul S93810-10 10 10 PMA/EAC White+++Bright++
Specul S93812-10 12 10 PMA/EAC White+++Bright++
Specul S94108-10 8 10 PMA/EAC White++++Bright+++
Specul S94110-10 10 10 PMA/EAC White++++Bright+++
Grae D50(μm) Non-Volatile
Sovent Surface Treatment Application Type
Specul WVP84011 11 15 IPA Silica White Shade Type
Specul WVP82008 8 15 IPA Silica Black Shade Type
Specul DVP84011 11 10 BCS Passivated White Shade Type
Specul DVP82008 8 10 BCS Passivated Black Shade Type


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